end pain book testimonials

“It’s almost like a magic spell. I have no pain. I have my old life back, able to do everything I want pain-free.” — Rebecca Harris“

It was amazing! Duncan’s process stopped my serious pain from six surgeries and a fused ankle.” — Shelley Fine

“Ten years of chronic pain instantly decreased dramatically. I stopped taking six Codeine pills a day.” — Jane Smolens

“Duncan Tooley taught me how to turn off the pain, calm the itching, and make my red skin bumps disappear. . . I had no idea that I could easily have control over my pain.” — Dina Wiley

“Duncan Tooley shows that you can become pain-free. You don’t have you don’t have to struggle with pain for years, or accept being in pain as a normal way of life.”– Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharmacist and Author of Off Balance, The American Way of Health, A Pharmacist’s Perspective on Why Drugs Don’t Work.

 “If you want relief, this book is a must read.”– Shelley Stockwell Nicholas, PhD, President, International Hypnosis Federation.

“Duncan Tooley generously shares how to communicate with pain, and then use your will, intention, and mind to repair and restore. Almost too simple and effective to be believed! It just works!”– Dr. Aviva Boxer, OMD, (DrAvivaBoxer.com) “Restoring radiant vitality, resilience, and stamina without an expiration date.”

“When I had my back incident, I could not get up off the floor until I used Tooley’s 60-second Turn Down technique”– Glen Michael