This is a simple, quick, and very effective pain-reliever process based on the power of your imagination. Your sub-conscious mind accepts input from your imagination in the same way it accepts the information coming in through your senses.

Nearly everyone experiences significant relief with this process. At least 50% reduction is usual, and many achieve 100% removal of discomfort. Use this technique as your first line of defense. If you have someone who can assist you for the first time, even better. They can lead you through the process so you can do it with your eyes closed from the beginning.

If you are doing it by yourself, memorize the steps first then perform them with your eyes closed.

This technique is easy to remember, easy to use, and effective. If pain happens to you, you can easily feel like a victim. This 60-Second Turn Down process gradually takes control back from pain and converts you from “victim” to “controller.” First you take artistic control with the shape and color. Then you take intensity control with the “volume” knob adjustments. The truth is: PAIN of itself never had any power. Whatever power it seemed to have, you gave it that power by not claiming your own power over interpretation of what is happening in your body. With this process you affirm your power to interpret body sensations however you choose! You re-frame your experience from “victim” of discomfort to being a powerful “controller” of how you feel.


Steps to Use the 60-Second Turn Down Technique

  1. Choose only one area that is causing you discomfort. Measure your discomfort intensity on a scale 1-10, where 1= very low & 10 = most severe. Remember the number.
  2. Memorize the rest of the instructions because you will later do them with your eyes closed.
  3. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine the discomfort area as a SHAPE.
  4. Give the shape a color (or a smell if you prefer).
  5. Change the shape to some other shape.
  6. Change the color (or smell) to something else.
  7. Change the shape again.
  8. Change the color again. (or smell)
  9. Imagine a volume control knob, like from a radio with the numbers zero to eleven around the edge. Stick the knob on top of the shape, with the arrow pointing to the number of your discomfort level from #1
  • Imagine that you reach in and grab the knob and slowly turn it UP one number, just for a moment. Turn it up to your starting number PLUS 1, only for a moment.
  • When you feel your discomfort increase, turn the control back down to where you started.
  • Slowly turn it down one number at a time pausing on each number until the discomfort decreases on each step down.
  • Continue to turn the knob and decrease the discomfort all the way down to zero.
  • Stop here: Go back and check that you have the steps memorized.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, intend to feel great, and do all the steps in order.
  • Congratulations! That was great! Good job! Notice how comfortable you feel! What number are you now? . Amazing isn’t it! You have taken control and now you feel much better! You used your mind to control your body! You can always do this exercise to feel great!”


Story: When I was a presenter at a health fair, I used this technique with a man who said his pain level was  a ”ten.”  At the end of the process his pain level was zero! He called me a “Miracle Worker.” I reminded him that HE is the miracle worker because he used the power of his mind to change his perception of pain. I assisted by supplying the technique that demonstrated to him how to do it.

Story: At a different wellness event, I woman came up to me on crutches. “I have a very painful heel spur,” she said. I asked her, “Would like to reduce your pain level?” When she answered “Yes,” I instructed her to sit down and then used the 60-Second Turn Down technique with her. Her initial pain level was 10. She turned it all the way down to zero. When I asked her how it felt after she opened her eyes, she stood up and said “The pain is gone! I can’t believe it!” She went off carrying her crutches looking for her husband to tell him.

Story: A client to whom I had taught the 60-Second Turn Down technique had a dramatic back episode while alone at work. He later told me “Using your technique allowed me to turn down my pain level enough so I could drive myself to the hospital. Before I used it, I was unable to get up off the floor.”

Story: A participant in a cancer support services meeting told me “I am in pain.” We used this technique after the meeting. When I saw her a month later, she told me that she had used it many times for relief. She is on a campaign to get the administration of the cancer support center to add this instruction to their curriculum of services.